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Make the Promise of Forever Last with Diamond Wedding Rings

Did she say yes? Then it is time to start hunting for wedding rings to mark the special day and the promise of everlasting love and commitment that comes with getting married. Wedding rings or bands, as they are more commonly known, are designed especially for couples getting married. These rings are usually a plain design in precious metal like gold or platinum and signify the everlasting bond of marriage. Exchanged during the wedding ceremony, both spouses wear wedding rings that symbolize their new journey together. Though the culture of wedding rings goes back to ancient Rome, even the wedding bands worn today hold similar classic and contemporary designs.

Choose Your Wedding Rings from an Extensive Collection by Marlow’s

Wedding rings are just as special as engagement rings since they mark one of the most important milestones in a couple’s life. So, it is only natural that you would like to choose something as unique and special as your partner. Marlow’s brings the most amazing collection of wedding rings for men and women to choose from. Our rings are available in white gold, yellow gold, and platinum that you are able to customise as per your choice. Not only do we have classic traditional wedding bands but also modern contemporary designs encrusted with diamonds that will have you swoon with their sheer beauty. With Marlow’s, you get the most unique designs with the guarantee of the best quality diamonds, because all our diamonds are GIA-certified. What more could you ask for? Place your order now!

  • WED025 F G VS SI T W

    Mens Diamond Wedding Band | WED025

    £ 1,544.40 £ 2,794.80
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  • WED024 F G VS SI T W 1

    Mens Diamond Wedding Ring | WED024

    £ 877.50 £ 1,620.00
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  • WED001 T W
    Quick View
  • WED003 T W

    Plain Wedding Ring | WED003

    £ 141.18 £ 562.80
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  • WED002 T W


    £ 468.00 £ 1,215.60
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  • WED004 T W


    £ 400.14 £ 960.00
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  • WED005 T W 1


    £ 258.18 £ 577.20
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  • WED006 T W


    £ 474.24 £ 1,515.60
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  • WED007 T W


    £ 277.68 £ 1,350.00
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  • WED010 T W


    £ 244.14 £ 499.20
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  • WED021 T W


    £ 579.54 £ 1,188.00
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  • WED022 T W


    £ 553.02 £ 1,134.00
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