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Plain Wedding Rings

There is now a dizzying array of wedding bands to choose from and many of these designs feature complex embellishments. However, you don’t have to buy elaborate rings to showcase your love and commitment to your partner. Many of the very best products are simple in their style. Indeed, plain wedding rings have an elegance and class that means they transcend prevailing fashions and always look fabulous.

What’s more, opting for a plain wedding ring doesn’t mean you’ll be restricted in terms of choice. In fact, there is a wide selection of different materials and designs available for you to choose from. Here at Marlow’s Diamonds, we offer an impressive selection of plain bands and should have exactly what you’re after.

One of the most important variables to consider when you’re perusing the variety of rings on offer is the metals they are made from. If you like traditional jewellery, yellow gold versions could be ideal. Alternatively, you may prefer to opt for white gold, platinum or silver rings. You will also need to choose a carat. The higher a ring’s carat, the purer it is. However, a high carat ring is also softer, meaning it may be more susceptible to bending over time. You will notice that many of our gold rings are available in 18 carats. This is generally thought to represent the best balance of purity and hardness.

Shape is also a key factor, as this will affect not only the way your ring looks, but also how it feels on your finger. Given that you will be wearing the band day and night, it’s important that it is comfortable. The most straightforward of all the rings are flat bands and these items have a modern, minimalist appeal. Meanwhile, flat court rings benefit from the same contemporary appearance but their rounded inner provides extra comfort. If you’re after something with a little more detail, you can select bevel edged or bead edged styles or more unusual still, the concave ring design.

One of the best things about plain wedding rings is the fact that they never fall out of fashion. Their elegant simplicity means they will always be popular among couples. If you invest in one of these items, you can rest assured that you’ll love it just as much in 30 years as you do now. This may not be the case with more complex designs, which tend to be subject to changes in trends.

You can check out our full selection of wedding bands by taking a look around our website and, if you would like any further advice or information, you can get in touch with our specialist jewellers. Make sure you take your time when perusing your options. After all, your wedding ring may be one of the most symbolic purchases you ever make, so it’s vital that you’re pleased with the results. Regardless of your preferences and your budget, we should have the perfect wedding band for you. Whether you're after a 3mm yellow gold concave band, a 6mm platinum luxury court ring or anything else, we can help.

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