Once upon a time, marrying princesses had only the option of the simple gold band wedding ring. Well, the modern bride is a creature of unique style, and as such she’d like her options to be as varied and fabulous as possible!

Diamond rings traditionally mark an engagement, however resurgence in the Victorian trend for diamond-set wedding rings has led us to increase our range and give contemporary princess the run of the diamond mine!

We’ve picked out our favourite five wedding band styles to help you get a little more of an idea what could beast suit that lovely finger.

Classic Sparkle (Style ET08) – A stunning full-set diamond ring featuring two carats of diamonds in a traditional platinum claw setting. Completely classic!

Quirky Delight (Style WG13) – A classic flat wedding band set with four diagonal bands of round, brilliant-cut diamonds. Make a unique statement with your diamonds!

Understated Elegance (Style WG3) – A flat court shaped band featuring an off-set ring of round, brilliant-cut, fully encircling diamonds. Simple and elegant…and perfect!

Gliding Grace (Style WG9) – A court shaped band, elegantly circled by a wave of round brilliant-cut diamonds. Very organic and natural looking – perfect for free spirited new brides!

Contemporary Statement (Style WGH1) – An understated flat court-shaped band set with two full rows of round, brilliant-cut diamonds. It’s all about creating new classics for us, and we think this contemporary design has it all!

Take your time and have a chat to our wonderful jewellery assistants to help decided which style is perfect for your nuptials.