Picture the scene: you’re at a wedding reception, waiting for the first dance to start. The lights are low. Maybe you’ve got a few drinks inside you. Finally, the bride and groom take their place. Silence falls over the room as you all prepare for the music to start. And then, the couple starts to dance to … Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’?!

Sound ridiculous? Well, it is … but it’s also true. In fact, it happens all the time.

More and more people are breaking with convention and treating their guests to songs and dances they might not (in some cases, definitely won’t!) expect. Here’s five of the best below:

1: The T-Mobile Royal Wedding

OK, so this one was staged and is not part of a real wedding—but who can complain when it combines the Royal Family with East 17? This absolute gem was created by T-Mobile in the midst of the pre-Royal Wedding hype of 2011, and features some impressive lookalikes performing nifty dance moves (choreographed by former Dancing on Ice judge Louie Spence) to ‘House of Love’ by East 17. This obviously has more lavish production values than a real wedding dance, but it works a treat.