Like many people, you might be feeling a sense of relief that the long, dark winter months are finally drawing to a close. This cold season has been particularly harsh in many areas, with a mixture of freezing bouts of snow and ice and other periods characterised by destructive winds and heavy rain.

And of course, getting out of bed when it’s still dark outside and charging to the shower through a cold house can get you down after a while, as can making the long commute to and from work under the cover of artificial street lamps, as opposed to vitamin D infused sunlight.

Indeed, during this period of the year, you might feel yourself inclined to enter a state of partial hibernation.

However, the days are now getting longer, flowers are determinedly pushing their way up through the still cold earth and the dawn chorus of birds has started to find its voice again.

To celebrate this hopeful time of year, you might want to treat yourself to some new jewellery and clothing. Perhaps a few diamonds could add to your sense of celebration, along with vibrant garments.

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