Loose diamonds can be prohibitively expensive, costing up into the millions. One of the most expensive diamond engagement rings ever bought cost the billionaire Donald Trump the equivalent of one million pounds. It was a beautiful, flawless 12 carat emerald cut diamond ring.

The traditional amount to spend on gold engagement rings is two and a half times your monthly salary. However, this may be too much for most people and the best price is the one you can comfortably afford. Some gentlemen prefer to choose the ring themselves and ask for the hand of their beloved on bended knee, keeping it all a wonderful surprise. Others would like to give their fiancée the pleasure of choosing her own ring, or indeed choosing it together. Any of these options are a great idea, as it’s never too early to learn to please your partner and to be aware of her wishes and tastes.

Choosing wedding bands is just as pleasurable, especially as many couples prefer to have matching gold wedding rings. A popular choice is to have matching engagement rings and wedding ring sets. Remember to make sure that the gold you choose is compatible, that it is of the same karat value; otherwise the gold may wear quickly.

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