Diamond solitaire engagement rings are hugely popular, but what are they? In a nutshell, solitaire means one or single. In terms of engagement rings it relates to the rings having one diamond. There are no accent stones or side stones and no other embellishments. The single diamond speaks for itself.

This does not mean that diamond solitaire engagement rings are dull or excessively simplistic. For many women, they symbolise the eternal love of a couple with simple elegance in the one brilliant shining stone.

When choosing solitaire diamond rings the big debate usually surrounds just how big a diamond should be chosen. When choosing a solitaire diamond, you may feel under pressure to choose a larger than average diamond to compensate for the lack of detail. However, this is not necessary and there are other considerations that will show the ring off to its full advantage without taking such a step.

A small stone when set on a thinner band will show off the diamond to its full advantage and creates a delicate elegance which will complement slender fingers. A band can be two-toned or patterns can be etched in it to add more detail and depth. Another idea is to add a curve or wave to the ring which will attract attention to the whole of the ring rather than just the diamond.

At Marlows we have a beautiful range of diamonds that can be chosen for diamond solitaire engagement rings. We are experts in helping our customers find the perfect engagement ring for their specific requirements.