When you think limited edition, you immediately think one of a kind, unique and exclusive and no matter what the occasion is, whether for a wedding, an event or birthday having a limited edition ring makes one feel extra special.

There are many jewellery shops that stock limited edition rings and what make them so unique could be their cut, style, colour or overall design. A limited edition piece is basically a design that has been created for a specific season or time and will soon be taken off shelves.

This means not many people will have the opportunity of owning such product. Top jewellery designers or even design students trying to gain exposure create these rings, but regardless of who is designing them, they will not be available for a long period and may only return on customer’s demand.

The meaning of a limited edition ring

So what exactly does it mean to a consumer to have a limited edition ring? Firstly, wearing such a ring says that you are an individual with your own personal taste and preference. You are not a follower but rather a trendsetter.

It also shows exclusivity of its owner. Being able to show off a limited edition ring that not many people will be able to have makes a statement that one is important and even maybe well off regardless of whether the ring cost a lot or not. Its rare availability makes it appear expensive or maybe designed specifically for its owner compared to the regular styles out there.