‘A good woman is beyond the price of rubies’ is a well-known quotation from the Bible and is something that should be taken into account when considering the purchase of jewellery, especially engagement rings. However it could be argued that the only price worth considering is for diamonds, as we all know, ‘diamonds are a girls’ best friend’.

When making a life long commitment, a couple think very seriously about their future life together and the roles they have to fulfil. There needs to be respect and a good deal of give and take, mixed with a huge dose of good humour.

Every relationship has its own unique character, what works for one couple does not work for the next. Careers and family life are not easy, having children early, or late, staying at home to care for them, returning to work after a family break of several years will all put stress and strain upon a relationship.

Marking these milestones with a token gift establishes mutual regard and demonstrates a love for the other person. It can start with diamond engagement rings, and it is becoming increasingly common for ladies to buy these items for their potential fiance. Wedding bands will follow and can be found in a wide variety to suite all tastes and pockets. Often, eternity rings are given on the birth of the first child.

At Marlows, we can help you to choose the perfect diamond rings to mark all these special occasions in your life.