Diamond jewellery is something many women go weak at the knees over. It is beautiful, expensive, very valuable and it sparkles; need we say more? To cement the relationship between women and diamonds is the saying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

That said, should you choose contemporary diamond jewellery or go for something more classic? The answer is multifaceted, but it really all boils down to one thing; personal preference.

Choosing your stone

Choosing between contemporary diamond jewellery designs and the classic ones is like trying to decide upon night or day. They are vastly different and yet hold similar allure for women or all kinds. Each has its place, though. Contemporary designs do well with younger women who live in the moment. Classic designs suit a more mature woman that is confident with classic styles, confident that she will define her style and that her style will not define her.

Classic styles also suit the romantic and nostalgic at heart, no matter her age. The event you are attending and the outfit you are wearing will also determine the type of diamond jewellery designs you should choose. Up-beat and cutting edge calls for contemporary, while stylish, elegant and classy calls for classic.

But what it really comes down to is the design you really like and feel most comfortable with. Marlows Certified Diamonds provides you with a wide selection of diamond jewellery. There are many options in bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings to suit every taste and every style. A beautiful woman deserves to wear the jewellery that makes her feel good about herself.