As much as we love everything to do with marriage (the rings, the dress, the cake!), the growing social trend for couples to remain in long-term, committed, unmarried relationships is something we’re happy to cater for. With celebrity couples like the pairings of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias, and the megabrand that is Brangelina, a new niche jewellery market has been created – commitment jewellery. Simply put, we’re talking about rings set with diamonds… rather than diamonds rings!

The thing we love about commitment ring? Anything goes! It’s all about expressing your personal style on that ring finger! A lot of couples choose to commission custom diamond rings – perhaps including a family diamond or gems, or setting some of our loose diamonds into a sentimental band – to create a new bespoke piece.

Many of our committed couples opt to buy our wedding jewellery (white gold wedding bands, diamond engagement rings) with the intention of attaching their own significant connotation of commitment.

If marriage is consensually off the cards, investment in one of our larger diamond rings is perfect! Many couples surmise that the money they’ll save on their wedding would be excellently put to use investing in a stunning large diamond ring to show their love and commitment.

We have a fantastic range of three carat + diamonds, available to be custom-set into a variety of bands. Committing for life has never been so sparkly!