If you have bought a diamond ring or any other jewellery set with a diamond from a reputable diamond jewellery retailer, you might have bought a certified diamond. If however, you have bought diamonds with no certification, you may have cause to worry about the quality of your precious stones.

Certification explained in detail

A certified diamond, like here at Marlows, is a diamond that has been graded by an expert at an independent diamond grading laboratory. A certified diamond is accompanied by a report by the laboratory. These laboratories include the GIA, Gemmological Institute of America and the IGI, the international Gemmological Institute. These institutes are all independent and have affiliation with diamond retailers. The quality and characteristics of the diamond are therefore guaranteed.

On the certification of a certified diamond, you will be able to view information such as whether it is a natural diamond as well as the carat of the diamond. The carat of a diamond refers to how much it weighs and not to the size of the diamond.

Other information that accompanies a certified diamond is the colour of the diamond, its clarity and of course, the cut of the diamond. This report therefore confirms that the diamond is a true and original diamond.

When you buy a certified diamond, it is much easier to insure it in the event of it being lost or stolen. With the certificate you will be able to also obtain the market value of your diamond according to the international pricing structure for certified diamonds.