What’s all the fuss about being a certificated diamond specialist anyway? After all, is a diamond just nothing more than a shiny stone? For all the certificates in the world, one could not change the composition of a diamond. So what is the deal with getting certified?

Well that question can be answered in two parts. The first part addressing certification directly. Would you allow yourself or any member of your family to visit a doctor who did not have his doctor’s degree? Why not? We would not want to let an amateur touch us because of the risk of causing a bigger problem.

This is precisely the same principle with a certified diamond specialist. The fact that we’re certified means that we have reached the highest level of understanding in our practise of acquiring and selling diamonds. Marlow certificated diamonds are of the highest quality because we know what to look for.

What’s the difference?

The difference is quite straightforward. Should you purchase diamonds from an uncertified specialist you risk buying low quality, and secondly, you could end up paying inflated prices for a diamond that is not even pure.

Marlow certificated diamonds are affordable and of the highest quality because we are regulated by being certificated. You will also score big time on your purchase price because there is a standard buying price for specific carats of diamonds.

So you see, it is in your best interest to buy from a certificated jeweller. Marlow is a certificated diamond specialist.