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Multi Stone Diamond Rings

The rarity and timeless appeal of diamonds have made these gems a firm favourite among jewellery lovers, all over the world. Often, diamond jewellery is passed down from generation to generation, always retaining its allure. But you don’t have to settle for a single diamond. Here at Marlow’s Diamonds we offer a selection of multi stone diamond rings that exude elegance, style and sophistication. These lavish products can be ideal as either a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring, but they don’t necessarily have to be bought with a special occasion in mind. You might want to hand your partner a multi stone diamond ring as an unexpected romantic gesture, or you may simply be looking for pieces to add to your own collection. Whatever the purpose, you can be rest assured that your choice of multi stone diamond rings is not limited when you shop with Marlow’s Diamonds. These items have an understated elegance and class, and like eternity rings, they are seen as a symbol of everlasting love. This makes these products perfect for weddings and engagements, but is also popular as anniversary gifts.

Trilogy Diamond Rings

Alternatively, perhaps you would prefer trilogy diamond rings, which feature a larger centre diamond and smaller gems on either side, making them a real head-turner. We offer elegant graduated trilogy diamond rings that are nothing short of perfection. A member of our expert team can assist you to customise your own design. Whether you’re attracted by the traditional appearance of yellow gold bands or prefer the more modern look of white gold and platinum, you can tailor your ring to meet your requirements. Whether you’re looking for an elegant design that showcases diamond clusters, rings that boast a scattering of precious stones set in flowing bands, or trilogy diamond rings that offer a great alternative to more traditional diamond rings.

Bespoke Multi Stone Diamond Rings

If you want to take your creativity one step further, you can design your own ring from scratch. We have state of the art CAD technology, enabling us to help you design your perfect ring. Whether you want to make something simple and conventional or complex and unusual, our experts are on hand to make your vision a reality. Knowing that the finished ring is the product of your own imagination is a satisfying feeling and consequently you are likely to treasure the item even more. Whichever of our multi stone diamond rings you opt for, whether it is from our catalogue or a bespoke creation you can be rest assured you will be benefiting from premium quality. We use the GIA and IGI certification labs and ensure that we sell only the best graded diamonds to our customers. What’s more, most of the diamonds that we offer come with an Independent Certificate. Thus you will have complete confidence in the gems you purchase from us.

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