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Marlow’s GIA Certified Diamonds®

	Marlow’s GIA Certified Diamonds GIA Certified Diamonds
Sample: Generic GIA SI2 Certificate No 3195633674
Not clean to the eye, major inclusion at 10’o clock
Sample: Marlow’s GIA SI2 Certificate No. 2196368863
100% eye Clean, minor white/black blemishes

Here at Marlow’s Diamonds, we are dedicated to delivering on the finest quality to our customers. With so many suppliers of GIA and IGI certified diamonds in the UK, it can be difficult to know you if you really are receiving true quality. This is exactly why we have created the Marlow’s GIA Certified Diamond® trademark. If you are searching for beautiful diamond jewellery, you can rest assured that Marlow’s Diamonds meticulously re-check all grading for further accuracy of their products.

Our trademark means that all of our diamonds have received additional checks and scrutiny. All diamonds are still provided with their original GIA or IGI certification which is a MUST for any diamond purchase anyway, but here at Marlow’s Diamonds our in house checks and balances system will grade all of our diamonds in a scientific manner to ensure that all grading is accurate. We examine our products not as jewellers, but as diamond experts. This means that we can professionally and accurately determine the correct colour, cut, polish, clarity and symmetry of the diamonds we sell and will also be able to advice you on any diamond that you would have seen "online".

Many GIA and IGI certified diamond providers will not educate their consumers on the differences in clarity and quality of the diamonds they provide. They will merely assure their customers that their diamonds are "GIA" certified, without detailing the accurate grading. Diamonds that have not been accurately graded in addition to the GIA or IGI grading can vary in price dramatically. Under the Marlow’s GIA Certified Diamond® trademark, we promise to always grade your diamonds as accurately as humanly possible.

We understand that purchasing exquisite diamond jewellery is a major investment for anyone. Here at Marlow’s Diamonds, we want to make sure that your hard earned money gets you the finest quality diamonds at the best possible prices. We have been providing stunning diamond jewellery for over three generations. With over 100,000 happy customers, we are the family jewellers you can trust. If you need any advice when it comes to first class jewellery and family heirlooms, we can offer you our extensive knowledge and industry insight,gained over our many decades working with diamonds. Call us or visit us in store to find out more about our diamond certification methods.

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