It goes without saying that the significance of diamond engagement and wedding rings is quite evident. Indeed, the giving of a diamond ring is a very powerful gesture as it often represents unconditional love, genuine commitment and long-lasting affection. Certainly, diamond rings are rarely given flippantly; and nor should they be.

However, the giving of diamonds doesn’t have to be exclusive to important events such as engagements and weddings. In fact, diamond jewellery can be every bit as significant when given as a simple gift; especially when you start to look at things in the long-term.

When it comes to diamonds, many people forget to consider that they last much longer than a mere human lifetime. Therefore, when you give a diamond ring as a gift to your wife or fiancee, you are in effect, giving it to her daughter, her granddaughter and perhaps even her great-granddaughter, etc. Naturally, such a gift will become even more precious as it passes from one generation to the next, consequently gaining even more resonance and meaning whilst losing none of its initial beauty.

So, if you are thinking of buying a diamond ring, either for a special occasion or simply as a gift, be sure to remember that this small but stunning item will be a durable reminder of your love and generosity long after you have gone. Indeed, the ring you buy may well be the most enduring thing you ever buy – and that’s pretty significant!