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When spending money on diamonds, it's only right that you know you're getting stones of the very highest standard.

Here at Marlow's, we only sell diamonds that have been certificated by an independent laboratory, so you can buy in complete confidence that you're getting quality diamonds.


The authenticity certificate, or grading report as it's sometimes known, states that the stone is a natural diamond, its carat weight, colour, clarity, and cut. It also lists a number of other measurements and specifications, such as whether the stone is fluorescent under long wave UV light (strong fluorescence may result in a lower value of diamond). The report should, as it does at Marlow's, come from a reputable, internationally recognised organisation such as the IGI (International Gemmological Institute) or GIA (Gemmological Institute of America). These laboratories are not associated in any way with the buying, selling or valuation of gems and are 100% independent, so you can be sure your diamond has been honestly and reliably certified.

Having a diamond certificate also enables professional jewellers to value the stone without even seeing it. Certified diamonds have an international pricing structure, so a grading report is all that is needed to value the stone. When you come to Marlow's for your diamonds, you will be presented with a grading report, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your purchase is authentic and fully certified.

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