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Choosing the correct wedding ring is one of the most important aspects of getting married, so it's important you make an informed selection.

The first stage when choosing the rings is to decide what metal you desire. Gold is a more traditional choice, and 18 carat is very popular as it balances purity (around 75% gold) and durability.

A higher carat, 24 for instance, is a purer metal but could bend over time, whereas a lower carat, such as 14 is not as pure but is likely to last longer and is lower in cost.

Metals such as silver, platinum and white gold have become much more popular over recent years due to their more modern look, whilst brushed metal is also a more contemporary choice. The size of ring is also important. Those with larger hands can get away with a wider ring with more accentuated detail, whereas those with more petite hands may want to opt for a more delicate ring. Furthermore, if diamonds are being set into the band then, again, a wider ring is a more sensible choice.

The choices of styles for wedding rings are practically endless, so it's worth taking the time to research what's available. You can choose patterned rings, court-shaped rings, which are curved gently on the inside and outside, D-shaped, which are flat inside and rounded outside, or rings that are flat inside and out.

It's vital that you choose a ring that not only looks fantastic but also feels great.

Here at Marlow's we can discuss your every requirement and ensure you enter married life with the perfect wedding rings.

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