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Wedding Bells? Do it in Style


Gone are the days when wearing a real diamond tiara was only the privilege of royalty, the rich and famous and the actors of Downton Abbey…

At Marlows, you can now either buy a diamond tiara at a price which does not break the bank or even hire it for the big day (Terms & Conditions Apply).

As the good luck adage of the Victorian era goes, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue”;(Marlows’ tiara selection have all of these) , you will be simply stunned at the designs we hold. Simply ‘knowing’ your special day is literally ‘topped’ with diamonds will be such a special feeling! You won’t want to take it off!

Marlows is the only company in the UK to offer this hire service which helps brides feel and look so very special, adding to the glamour of the day. Choose a simple design (5006) or feel like a princess with the design containing large diamonds (5002). If yellow gold is your choice of colour to go with your wedding dress, choose 5001. One of these six exclusive, classical hand crafted tiaras are available to wear on your big day (and if you really fall in love, consider purchasing it and add to personal collection; perfect as an heirloom to passto your children. You can buy it after wearing it as well).

Tiaras (from the Greek word meaning Crown) have, throughout history been an integral part of the wedding dress, although recently, fake silver and fake diamante tiaras have been used by brides to add glamour at a small cost. The thought of buying a real diamond tiara does not usually cross anyone’s mind, especially at a cost which sometimes can be or exceed the entire cost of the wedding.

As one of the largest jewellery companies in the Midlands, Marlow’s have given much thought into how we could possibly help make a brides’ day even more special, so we decided on the concept of hiring out the tiaras we own, hopefully adding another level of glamour. We have added sapphires and pearls and diamonds in some tiaras as these gems traditionally form an integral part of jewellery worn by princesses.

You must have heard of some larger jewellery companies “loaning” their jewellery to famous celebrities for free publicity, well now at a small cost, you can be on a par with those rich and famous on your big day. This special day could be your wedding day, your 21st or any day you choose. Add stunning glamour to your wedding (or any other day).

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