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In addition to our expertise in finding the perfect polished diamond for you, we also have an uncanny ability to source some eye catching sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tanzanite and aquamarines among various other quality gemstones.

Coloured Gemstones

From Kashmir to Ceylon and Thai Sapphires of different colours, Columbian to African Emeralds and Burmese to Mozambique Rubies, we trade in all types of coloured gemstones and natural saltwater and cultured pearls.

The variety of colour on offer in the shop is vast and most pieces are handmade to perfection, hence a visit to Marlows Diamonds is required to find your preferred colour.

You will find cluster, multi stone and eternity rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets all set with a multitude of gemstones, with diamonds accentuating their sparkle and brilliance.We also take great care in sourcing these stones ethically. Many of you have heard about blood and conflict diamonds but few have heard about blood stained coloured gemstones. Like diamonds, conflicts around the world, especially in the deprived areas where some mines are found, lead to gemstone mining resulting in funding of conflict. One area brought to light was the freedom struggle in Burma resulting in the finest Burmese rubies being banned from international trading for a long time as these were funding the illegitimate government in the suppression of its own people. There is also proof that some emeralds are traded simultaneously with drugs by the warlords in Columbia. A similar situation is also present in the Kashmir valley with sapphire mines and some emerald mines in Pakistan and Afghanistan. We take enormous strides to make sure all our gemstones are sourced from recognised dealers and members of the ICA (International Coloured Gemstone Association)

Furthermore, in addition to the quality control stamp of Marlows, most of our solitaire coloured stone pieces come with recognized independent grading Certificates giving you that extra piece of mind that your purchase is extremely secure and worth every penny you choose to spend on the particular item. Rest assured, like our diamond trading, our gemstone trading holds no bars and represents true value for money. Do pop in to see one of our highly trained Jewellery Specialists to discuss your purchase further.

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