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Fancy Shape Rings

If you’re looking for fancy shape rings which will offer a more unique appeal, you’ve come to the right place. Diamonds come in all manner of shapes and sizes, and thanks to advancements in modern technology, rough diamonds of any shape can be cut in ways which maximise its yield. When you want unique diamond engagement rings to wow your other half with, make sure you call Marlow’s Diamonds.

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

These fancy shape rings come with fancy shapes diamonds. Because their overall sparkle of these fancy diamonds doesn’t depend on the cut, the cut grade isn’t listed in the reports. What we’re looking for with these fancy shape rings is the look which matters. We strongly believe that everyone has their own preferred diamond shape. We sell just as many fancy shaped diamonds as Round diamonds, which is why we offer such an extensive collection. Here at Marlow’s Diamonds we have one of the largest selections of fancy shaped diamonds in the country, so when you’re looking for a unique diamond engagement ring, you know you’ve come to the right place. Our collection of fancy shape rings not only reflects the latest trends in diamond fashion, but is the perfect addition to the diamond collection which is looking for something a little different. Our most popular fancy shaped diamonds are the Heart, Pear Marquise, Oval and Cushion. However, whether you’re looking for the famous Royal Asscher cut or a more contemporary Millennium cut diamond, we have the fancy shaped diamonds here which will give you untold confidence when you get down on one knee. Whatever shape or cut you’re looking for, Marlow’s Diamonds is here to help. Surprisingly enough, diamonds can also be carved into the shape of a Buddha or even a horse’s head. If you’re interested in more details on these special and exclusive works of art, make sure you contact us today.

Why Choose Marlow’s Diamonds For Fancy Shaped Diamonds?

Whichever fancy shape rings capture your heart, it’s important that you’re able to shop with confidence. All of our diamonds are ethically sourced and of the highest possible quality. We put such emphasis on having peace of mind with our products that all of our diamonds are independently certified by the likes of IGI, GIA and HRD. Over the last three generations we have gathered a huge wealth of experience and built a reputation as one of the UK’s most trusted jewellers. Whatever you’re looking for, whatever your budget, we’re confident that we have the perfect ring for you at the most competitive price. If you have any questions about our fancy shape rings or any of the fancy shaped diamonds in our collection, make sure you call Marlow’ Diamonds today.
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