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Before you buy, it's important to consider the four C's: clarity, cut, colour and carat weight.

By understanding these four aspects of a diamond, you will come away with something special.

Unsurprisingly, clarity is all about how clear a diamond is. Diamonds sometimes have inner flaws and imperfections, and it is these flaws visibility and size that affect the clarity. The fewer flaws, the more brilliantly clear the diamond will be and therefore more expensive.

The cut of a diamond is not the same as its shape. The cut, although it does affect shape, is more about how well the diamond handles light, giving them a different level of brilliance. A well cut diamond will beautifully reflect the light, whilst a poorly cut diamond will not.

Carats are the unit of measurements used to weigh a diamond, with one carat equal to 200 milligrams. The larger the diamond, the greater the carat, which is likely to increase the cost of the stone, depending on other variables. Whilst diamonds are available in many stunning colours, they are most sought after in their colourless state, which allows the light to refract much more effectively. When choosing the colour of the diamond, it's also important to consider the metal in which the diamond will be set, as different metals can have an effect on the stone's appearance. Diamonds with different grades have different colours, so it's important to know the difference between them, or at least speak to someone that does, such as our experienced experts at Marlow's. To authenticate your diamond, we will also provide you with a grading certificate, showing that it has been independently graded by a laboratory to ensure it is of the highest quality.

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