In the lead up to your big wedding day, you’re likely to have guests asking you endless variety of the same questions. “What’s your colour scheme?” “What does the dress look like?” and “Where is the hen/stag do”’ will all be questions that you will hear on a regular basis. However, one question that will really pique the interest of your guests is whether or not you will be writing your own vows. The vows, arguably, are the most important part of your wedding. The popularity of DIY vows is increasing all the time. Modern couples are creating new and exciting mash ups of faith and personality into their wedding days. As you exchange your beautiful wedding bands, you are sure to want to express your love in a unique way. Here are Marlow’s Diamonds’ top five ways to exchange vows that are truly meaningful.

Write a love letter

For some couples, expressing their undying love in front of a crowd at a ceremony is a real-life nightmare. Despite how strongly you may feel about each other, pouring your heart out at the altar may cause you to break out in a nervous sweat. For those who are much more eloquent when armed with pen and paper, writing a love letter may be the best solution. Many couples read these privately just before they walk down the aisle. This way you won’t feel the need to censor yourselves and you can really put your heart and soul into it without having to incorporate any cringey jokes. This is a guaranteed to be a sentiment neither of you will ever forget.

Note it down

Another way to really make your vows more personal is note them down gradually. This is an endearing idea that has gained increasing popular. Organising a wedding is a highly stressful experience, but taking the time to note down the reasons you love your partner will help you to keep sight of what you share together. Write down why you’re excited to get marry, what you are looking forward to and what promises you would like to make – place them gradually into a jar and fill it to the brim. On the day of the wedding, or just before, these jars can be swapped and read privately or together. This is a way of saying your personal vows before your vows at the altar.

Sing your vows


Not everybody is in to writing. If you were born to perform, you may want to perform your vows instead. If you are lucky enough to have a passable singing voice – and stage fright isn’t an issue – you should serenade your sweetheart during your ceremony or at the reception. This is will be an incredibly heartfelt gesture, especially if you have written your own lyrics. Make sure you have sufficiently rehearsed your musical performance though, and that your venue can cater to your romantic performance.

Express your vows

If words are not your bag at all, you and your partner may want to say your vows through your own individual talents. You may prefer to do something out of the box such as creating a piece of artwork or a film. A surprise piece of unique artwork may express your love better than you ever could in words. Your loved one is sure to be touched by the time and effort you have put into your project. Your final creation can even be treasured for years to come as a fond memory of your wedding day and the commitment you made to one another.

Read something special


If you can’t find the perfect words to portray just how you feel about your partner, why not enlist the help of a favourite book or film? You and your other half may find that choosing a reading to share with each other will have much more significant meaning. You may share a love of poetry, literature, song lyrics or film – even if the words aren’t original, the depth of your emotion will be clear in the way your say the words. It may not even be a passage that is a personal favourite yours, but will have a huge amount of importance to your partner. No matter what you choose, it’s important to ensure that it really does the love that you share justice.