We recently conducted research into the Average amount UK men spend on Engagement Rings for their bride to be. We compiled data from over 2,000 engagement ring orders over the past 12 months to bring together the information below.

Through our research we found that on average UK men spend £1,329 on an Engagement Ring.

A breakdown of regions shows that men in Northern Ireland are the biggest spenders with an average of £1,874 closely followed by Scotland with an average spend of £1,816. The highest average spend in England was in London at £1,681. At the other end of the scale the Wales had the lowest average spend at £603, with the East of England (£955) and the South West (£971) completeing the bottom 3.

Average amount UK men spend on Engagement Rings by Region


It was widely believed that a man should spend the equivalent of 1 months salary on an engagement ring. However with the average salary at around £30,000 for a man our research shows that men are paying well under 1 month salary after tax and deductions.

However with the UK’s current economic hardship it is easy to understand this shift in spending. It now seems to be a case of choosing a ring that their partner will love rather than simply the most expensive in an attempt to save money for the wedding day itself. In their defence, the lyrics to Beyoncé’s ‘Put a Ring on It’ didn’t specify a price-range!