Your big day is coming and you are excited, happy, and maybe a little overwhelmed. This is the day you have been dreaming about ever since you were a little girl. You have so many things to plan and so little time. So many details go into a wedding that the last thing that bride-to-be’s even think about is themselves.

When it comes to deciding what a bride will wear on her big day, her biggest concern is the wedding dress. However, the wedding dress is not the only thing that makes a statement. Your accessories contribute enormously to the elegance of being a stunning bride.

Besides the ring that you will receive on your wedding day, a bride needs a little bit more sparkle. She can achieve this “bling” by adding various diamond jewellery to her wedding outfit. For a bride, costume jewellery may fool a few people but real diamonds make you feel like the princess you deserve to be on that day. Quality diamonds can be bought at Marlows. Marlows certificated diamonds are high quality stones that complete any perfect wedding outfit.

A bride can buy Marlows certificated diamond earrings to add a little twinkle. Studs are perfect to ensure the earrings don’t overpower the dress but something a little bigger is absolutely fine. Marlows certificated diamonds on a bracelet can also give you a bit more sparkle.

Diamonds for your wedding entourage

Marlows certificated diamonds can also add a bit of sophistication to your bridesmaids dresses. As long as the jewellery does not outshine the brides, there is no rules on which Marlows certificated diamonds you select.