The colour of diamonds is a very important part of their appeal and value with the pure white flawless being the most desired. In fact, white diamonds are not white, they are colourless and vary from that to yellow. The degree of colouration is a degree of tints and is measured on a scale from D to J (colourless to nearly colourless). We at Marlows are dedicated to producing the finest diamond engagement rings and do not sell diamonds colour graded lower than J in our standard range.

There have been many famous diamonds of colour, and the more intense and rare the colour, the more valuable the diamond. The blue Hope diamond, on display in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, springs to mind as one of extreme rarity. A coloured diamond is referred to as a fancy diamond. The main colours are brown (or champagne), canary (yellow), pink, black and blue. It is rare that imperfections add value to an item, but this is the case with fancy diamonds. The colours are a result of trace elements reacting with the carbon atoms of diamonds at formation over 1.5 billion years ago. Hydrogen creates pink diamonds, graphite black, nitrogen yellow and boron blue diamonds.

Flawless examples of these fancy diamonds are so rare, that not even one is found for every 100,000 flawless D white loose cut diamonds. The flawless white diamond is certainly the perfect stone for diamond engagement rings, representing as it does, a pure and flawless love.