It’s akin to holding the stars in your hands when you have a handful of them. To acquire a handful of them can be as rare as getting a star in your hand. And yet, for all its beauty, the diamond is but a carbon based stone that has been put under extreme pressure.

The romantic ideals of the diamond are far too many to mention. We find them in modern day jewellery as a status of wealth. Now, be that as it may, the diamond does have other more practical uses. In engineering it is used in laser technology.

It is an amazing and inspiring story about the way in which the diamond is naturally produced. Amazing amounts of pressure and heat exert force on carbon deposits and the result is a beautiful, sparkling diamond. The diamond is one of the most indestructible stones in existence today.

A great investment

The diamond is amongst one of the most durable and most durable stones in existence today. It is because of this fact that the diamond is one of the most expensive purchases for anyone to make, but because it will last forever, your investment will never dwindle.

There is some controversy in certain parts of the world regarding how some of the world’s diamonds are acquired and the human labour that is utilized, but Marlow diamonds are not acquired in this illegal manner.

At Marlows we guarantee that any diamond purchased from us is safe and has been lawfully acquired.