Not so long ago, the trade in conflict diamonds was a serious concern. It is an unfortunate fact that many of the world’s most productive diamond producing regions are not located in politically stable, well-administered nations. Because they are so small yet carry such a high value, precious stones are relatively easy to smuggle across borders and trade illegally. Until relatively recently these beautiful things were sometimes used to fund arms deals and support corrupt and undemocratic regimes.

It is a sad that some of the precious gems used to fuel bloody and terrible conflicts in the most troubled places on the globe ended up in Europe, and without doubt some of them made their way into diamond wedding rings that were bought and given with only love in mind. Something had to be done.

We are proud to state with absolute confidence that not one stone in our collection started life as a conflict diamond. Each one has a certificate of provenance and is certified to have been mined in a particular place and traded through legal, ethical channels all the way to the UK.

New EU legislation means the end of the trade in conflict diamonds. All stones coming into the region must now be certified to come from certain approved sites where trade is known to meet certain ethical standards. This is wonderful news for the places that have suffered from the dirty deals done with conflict gems and good news for you too- you can now buy engagement, wedding, and eternity rings without worrying about where those gorgeous diamonds came from.