Diamonds in elaborate settings, such as multi stone diamond rings, exude a certain kind of elegance, and are a stunning way to elevate that uber-glamorous outfit. However, whilst diamonds can come alive when they are set into diamond rings, there is an intrinsic beauty with diamonds, and loose cut diamonds are great option for those who want to bask in the glory of a diamond without the extra bit of ring.

In this context, loose diamonds represent a great gift for both him and her. Whilst diamond rings might have certain feminine connotations, a loose cut diamond is fairly androgenous, whilst being symbolic of durability and faithfulness – everything that you’d want in a gift for your beloved.

Also, loose diamonds will have a much more stable inherent value, whereas the value of diamond rings in the future will be subject to the whims of fashion. With a loose diamond the value will be inherently stable, which makes them a great choice as a family heirloom.

Due to their small size they are also easily kept secure, and they can be insured and stored comfortably in security boxes or safes.

Loose diamonds are perfect should you ever want to set them into a ring, and you will be able to do so according to your own taste. This means that should you receive loose diamonds as a gift then you could commemorate the diamond by setting it into a ring that you yourself have chosen.

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