Diamonds are the perfect way to say those three little words, and of course they’re a pre-requisite of proposals the world over. When you say it with diamonds you can be confident that the recipient understands the depth of your devotion, and when you present them with diamond engagement rings you simply can’t say it better.

Diamonds are always going to have the desired effect, but if you really want them to make their mark you have to choose carefully. The importance of the four C’s can never be underestimated – without the perfect combination of carat, clarity, colour and cut you won’t have that longed-for sparkle, so always choose carefully if you want to be sure that you’re saying it properly.

Opting to create your own engagement rings would often be the way to go, because then you’re in total control of everything from the size of the diamond to the colour of the band. You can create the ultimate ring that she simply can’t say no to, and the extra effort that you went to will speak volumes. It’s the perfect way to show that you care and will result in an exceptional ring, truly saying everything that you need it to.

So, if you want to say it with diamonds, make sure to choose wisely and ideally go for loose diamonds that can be transformed into the perfect ring. Make sure to come to us if you’re looking for the best in diamond rings – we’re the diamond experts and will help you make the right decision, so make sure to get the answer that you want by coming to us and you’ll be able to say it in the best way possible.