There’s something fabulously old fashioned about the gift of loose diamonds. It seems to conjure up 1920s visions of the Orient Express, luxury, velvet evening gowns and Coco Chanel! Getting carried away in the world of diamonds is something we love, so before you buy any jewellery consider the notion of giving loose diamonds instead as either a sentimental gift or engagement jewellery.

The tradition of giving loose diamonds has waned somewhat in modern times. Family jewels became diamond engagement rings, house deposits and so on, leaving the idea of owning diamonds simply because they’re DIAMONDS somewhere out in the cold.


The stable value of loose diamonds certainly marks them as a prudent investment. Whereas fashions pass by, the luxury and worth of loose diamonds is timeless. Family heirlooms are typically thought of as loose gems; perhaps it’s time to begin the tradition once more?

Setting Options

Famous diamonds like the Hope diamond, Burton-Taylor diamond and Koh-i-Noor diamond have been set, re-set and gifted as loose diamonds for years. The structural integrity of diamonds makes temporary setting an easy option. If you’re not sure what item of jewellery or engagement ring style your partner would best like, just giving the diamond is likely to be one of the most emotionally significant gifts you ever give.

Our expert jewellers love nothing more than creating bespoke jewellery, so pop in and take a look at our collection of loose diamonds to suit your budget.