Loose cut diamonds have been bought as investments for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. Ever since early hunter-gatherers noticed beautiful gemstones in the rough, they’ve been sought after, traded across borders, used as currency, and also treated as an excellent investment.

As investments, loose cut diamonds are easily insurable against loss and theft, very difficult to damage, and because of their extremely small size, they can be securely stored for very reasonable prices in safes, vaults, and safety deposit boxes. While there is no shortage of diamonds in the natural world – they are still being mined around the world at a steady rate – precious stones retain their value well in periods of high inflation and financial instability.

Cut is an important factor to consider when selecting a loose diamond as an investment piece. Of course, clarity and colour should be the finest available and the carat as large as possible, but these factors are less subject to changes in fashion. A 3ct diamond of outstanding clarity will always be an object that fetches a very high price, but some cuts go in and out of style over time.

We hold an outstanding range of loose cut diamonds as well as high value diamond rings and other pieces that are suitable for selection as investments. Feel free to browse the range online or come into the Jewellery Quarter to speak with one of our experts for more guidance or to view the showpieces of the range, or give us a call to discuss the possibilities.