If you are feeling run down and stressed, you can rest assured that you are not alone. The pressures of modern life can become too much and leave you feeling deflated and in need of a break.

After all, the demands of working life can be extremely tough and thanks to advances in technology it has never been harder to escape the responsibilities of the office. Your boss may well expect you to check emails after you have clocked out and even on the odd occasion that you take a day off due to sickness, you might expect to field queries from colleagues and managers over the phone.

Meanwhile, there is your home to look after. Particularly if you have children, domestic responsibilities can end up consuming the rest of your time. Whether it’s shopping for household goods, cleaning, making packed lunches for your youngsters or anything else, this can be demanding.

So, every once in a while it really helps to slow down and pamper yourself. After all, you work hard and deserve the occasional treat.

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