Even since man began to interact with diamonds, they have imbued the precious stones with ideas of invincibility, durability and even faithfulness. For example, the Greeks knew the stone as “adamas” which means invincible. And whilst it is true that diamonds are the hardest stone, diamonds seem to exude a metaphysical, symbolic sense of steadfastness – making them absolutely ideal as engagement rings or wedding rings.

Whilst diamonds have shone in the imaginations of men and women for many centuries, it is perhaps in the modern area that diamonds have really come of age. On the one hand, more sophisticated mining techniques have made diamonds much less prohibitive than they have traditionally been, with loose cut diamonds and diamond rings well within the price bracket for many couples – even cash strapped newlyweds!

Also, as cutting techniques have improved exponentially, the versatility of diamonds has also increased, and it is now possible to cut diamonds perfectly, and to customize stones. The versatility of diamonds also makes them perfect in a wedding context, as you can celebrate your best beloved with something that not only infinitely precious but also infinitely unique.

So, if you’re planning a proposal or a wedding, don’t be daunted by the diamond, and realise instead that it is nowadays a distinctly versatile stone. While some large carat varieties might still demand huge amounts of money – there is a diamond for everyone, and diamonds are forever.