There are lots of items of jewellery on the market now, but some of the most attractive and romantic are eternity rings. There’s something special about these delicate products and they’re the perfect symbol of love.

Here at Marlow’s we sell a range of these creations and may well have exactly what you’re looking for.

What are they?

Eternity rings are bands of precious metal set with a line of identically cut gemstones. Often, this line is continuous. However, because some people find this style to be uncomfortable to wear, it’s also possible to get ‘half-eternity’ rings. These feature stones across the face of the ring only.

What do they symbolise?

The reason why jewellery like this is considered to be so romantic is because this continuous line symbolises never-ending love.

When do you give a diamond eternity ring?

These products are often given by husbands to their wives on the occasion of a significant anniversary. However, you don’t have to be a slave to convention. You can hand one of these gorgeous items over at any time.

Perhaps you’ll choose to give your partner a special birthday treat or a Christmas gift she’ll remember for the rest of her life. The rings also make fabulous Valentine’s Day presents. For the ultimate romantic gesture, why not hand the sparkling creation over spontaneously. This is bound to wow your other half.

Choose your metal

When you’re perusing your options, you’ll need to decide which metal to go for. We offer products in gold, platinum or white gold.

Rather than just going with the look you prefer, think about what your partner would like. If you’re not sure, have a quick glance at the jewellery she already owns. This should give you all the information you need.

The gems

Then there are the gems to think about. We provide a selection of cuts, clarities and colours and should have exactly what you’re after.

Delicate If you’re drawn to delicate designs, take a look at the Full Round Brilliant-cut Diamond Eternity Ring – ET07. This full diamond eternity ring has a carat of diamonds set all around the band in a classic platinum claw-setting. The precious stones sit beautifully within the claws to give a stylish and understated look.


On the other hand, the Princess-cut diamond set half-eternity ring – CET2 is a much bolder design. It features princess-cut diamonds and has a lower profile, and its modern look makes it a must-have for many jewellery lovers. Also, it’s comfortable to wear.


For an eternity ring that really shows its diamonds off to the max, check out the Five-stone Round Brilliant-cut Diamond Eternity – ET10. This is a real head-turner and boasts five gorgeous round brilliant diamonds, all equal in size and mounted in a unique setting that allows the maximum passage of light around each stone.

Pop the question

It’s worth noting that many of our eternity rings work perfectly as diamond engagement rings too, which may be good news if you’re planning to pop the question.