A few decades ago diamond engagement rings were mostly a solitaire diamond set in yellow gold. Most women were happy with this type of ring. But, inevitably, fashions changed and women wanted more variety and choice. This led to different settings rising in popularity and the multi-stone diamond engagement ring appearing more and more.

An engagement ring is the ring that most women will wear for the rest of their lives. Modern women want their rings to be a reflection of their personality and unique taste. At the moment there are many styles and settings that are equally popular with modern brides, set in both yellow and white gold.

A precious metal though that is steadily rising in popularity is platinum. We endeavour to provide diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings in all the various settings and styles so that every woman can have the ring of her choice.

Why platinum?

Platinum is unique in that it is one of the rarest precious metals on earth that is both strong and stylish. Platinum has a simplistic and incredibly elegant look that showcases a diamond perfectly. Women that lead an active lifestyle prefer platinum as it is incredibly hardwearing. It is also scratch resistant and cannot be as easily damaged as gold.

Platinum also does not tarnish and, for people with allergies, it is the best possible choice because it’s hypoallergenic. The qualities and advantages of platinum are the reason why more men prefer platinum to yellow or white gold as well. Platinum is simply the perfect choice for durability and beauty for diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings.