When choosing diamonds for engagement rings, there are a number of factors that can be considered. It is not quite enough to focus purely on your personal taste for the cut of the stone. Factors such as the geometry of the stone and whether or not you want to have accents stones will all influence your choice. Here are some considerations:

Band width

The width of the band on engagement rings can affect which shape of stone will look best. An extremely wide band will look better with stones that are elongated. Stones that are longer may appear to be excessive for bands that are quite narrow and delicate.

Finger and hand size

It is essential that diamond engagement rings look stunning on the fingers of women. Engagement rings are worn constantly so they need to be suited to the hand. A ring should complement the hand and the finger. Most fingers look gorgeous with a rounded stone, but slender, long fingers will look best with princess cut diamonds. Women with short fingers will look superb with oval, pear or marquise shapes.


Although some women love to follow the fashions of Hollywood stars when choosing diamonds, it’s quite important to choose a diamond shape that will be effective when the short-lived trend is over. For this reason, many prudent women select their jewellery based on the different criteria that have been elaborated.

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