Diamond rings come in a variety of styles and variations, but are perhaps best categorised by their traditional use. At Marlows Certified Diamonds, we have a huge range of stunning diamond rings and jewellery. To help you sort your diamond solitaire ring from your diamond eternity ring, here is a quick overview of diamond rings out there:

Anniversary Rings

Diamond anniversary rings are given in the main to celebrate an important milestone such as a long-term marriage or the date of another important event, such as starting your family or launching your new business. The main designs for diamond anniversary rings are:

Three stone rings – the triple diamond ring has three matching diamonds which represent the past, present and future

Anniversary rings – the classic anniversary ring is designed with several diamonds lined across the band creating a simple and elegant effect

Eternity Rings – The eternity ring comes with a full circle of diamonds around the finger and makes a stunning and elaborate anniversary gift

Engagement Rings

The most iconic diamond rings designs are those of the engagement rings. Although many couples design unique rings, traditional settings hold romance and sentiment symbolising the attributes of a relationship.

Diamond Solitaire Rings – the single diamond represents the complexity of love beautifully

Bridal set – this is a combination engagement and wedding ring. They marry practicality and beauty effortlessly

Heirloom engagement rings – this is when a family heirloom is passed on to another generation

Diamond Promise rings – before a couple decides to get engaged a simple promise ring can represent their growing love