So much has been written about it. Wars have been fought for it; friends have become enemies because of it. Throughout the ages love has always been one of the most significant experiences of humanity.

From the days of old when two were betrothed to be married, they wore a necklace or item of cloth to identify that they were intended – to more modern times with engagement rings – what has always remained true is that sacred promise the item stands for.

As times have changed and we’ve developed more expensive and classy tastes for our choice of item, the engagement ring has become the symbol that most cultures use to signify this fantastic step in the relationship.

Love need not cost you a fortune

Here at Marlows, we understand that when taking that next pivotal step, one needs to be really prepared. Our range and style of rings means that there is a wide variety to choose from.

Marlows has been around for many years – 3 generations in fact – and because we’ve been around this long, we are one of the foremost authorities on jewellery and as such have built relationships with suppliers that enable us to source the best stones for our rings and then sell them at really affordable prices.

You focus on setting the scene and we will take care of your engagement ring. Marlows has been trusted for years by hundreds of satisfied and happy couples in love. And when you’re ready to take it further, we’ll be here with a diamond ring just for you and your special occasion.