You have bought a diamond ring, glittering, sparkling and beautiful, everytime you show it to the sun it appears as though you have a mini fireworks display on your hand.

The reason this is happening is because you bought a diamond which has been ‘ideally’ cut, the width and depth of its facets have been cut correctly allowing the light to travel in and out of it correctly. On top of that, it has an ‘ideal’ or ‘excellent’ polish, it’s brilliance to be fully unleashed.

Over time you may notice that you your diamond’s sparkle isn’t as bright as it may once have been.

How can you get the brilliance back?

Polishing your diamond yourself is not something you can do, you will have to have it done by a professional, such as Marlows. It is a process which begins with the jeweller examining your diamond through an eye glass, facet by facet.

The jeweller will decide what sort of polish is needed and will inform you of your options. Some companies, such as Marlows, offer this aftercare package free of charge when you buy one of their stunning diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings or any of their other exquisite jewellery.