There aren’t many things in this world that say I love you quite as explicitly as a diamond engagement ring. Not only is the choice of ring an expression of taste and status, but it shows a deeper level of thought when money has been saved up over a period of time to purchase these exquisite stones.

A young bride to be enjoys sharing the good news of her engagement with her closest friends. What she enjoys more than that is showing her off her expensive and pure diamond engagement ring.

Here at Marlows we offer a range of truly flawless and beautiful diamond engagement rings at the best prices around. We understand that because people are individuals there is bound to be differences in taste and style.

Catering for your every need

Marlows has a tradition of working with diamonds. The unique style of diamond engagement ring that we offer range from styles like the Princess cut – which is the second most popular cut to the heart cut – is great for symbolizing love and affection.

For the more adventurous and modern types we offer the Marquise cut which most designers use for its flair and beauty. Regardless of your choice of style, you can be assured that in any form or shape our diamond rings will always look superbly magnificent.

Now while your bride to be is out and about happily flaunting her ring, you can rest easy knowing that you purchased that prized possession at the best rates on the market.