The significance of diamond wedding rings is obvious, but the power of a piece of diamond jewellery given as a simple gift shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a strong gesture of love and deep, lasting affection. Loyalty, love, and fidelity most clearly articulated in the classic combination of gold and precious stones. Diamonds are seldom given lightly and nor should they be.

What many people don’t consider is that a diamond, whether in a wedding ring or not, last much longer than a single lifetime. When you give one of these precious things you are not only giving something of great beauty and value to your wife or fiancée. You’re also giving a wonderful gift to the daughter who will come after her, and to her daughter after that.

Gold does not tarnish and diamonds really are forever. If they are looked after, well-crafted diamond rings will last for hundreds of years. With each generation the gift will get more precious, not less. It will become not only a thing of beauty but also a precious family heirloom.

When buying diamond jewellery, remember the fact that you are buying for your descendents as well as the one you love now. Your great-grand-daughter may be wearing the same stone in 100 years time. Long after you are gone this tiny but beautiful thing will be a durable reminder of your love and generosity. The piece you are considering may be the most enduring thing you ever buy, so choose well!