Rings have a dominant place in jewellery stores. Rings can be found anywhere and there are many different types and styles of ring available. You will find costume rings and more valuable rings set with real precious stones. Both of these kinds of rings are huge sellers but differ widely in price.

While costume rings can be found in many department stores and boutiques, their prices differ accord to design and style. Many costume rings are made from materials such as sterling silver, copper and other metals. Some are encrusted with gemstones and precious stones, but you will also find some that have stones made from plastic. Those that are made from inexpensive metals and plastic or glass stones are usually much cheaper than those that are made of more valuable metals and stone.

The real deal!

Real rings usually comprise of metals such as yellow gold, white gold or platinum along with precious stones. These metals are very valuable too. Here at Marlows we only stock rings made from the above metals. Although these types of rings are of course more expensive that costume jewellery, here at Marlows, you will be able to find rings in these precious metals with stunning diamonds at an affordable price.

The main players in this league of rings are diamonds, although rubies, sapphires, and other precious stones can also be found at some jewellers. You can choose a stone according to your preference. Diamonds, as sold here at Marlow’s, are very popular as they have a classic look which never goes out of fashion and can be worn with anything.