We study for jobs, exams, promotions, leisure, lifestyle – just about everything! So what’s to say a little swotting-up on the rules, traditions, sentiments and cultural norms of engagement should be any different?

101 Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged (Norm Wright, Harvest House Publishers, 2004)

Focusing initially on the idea that around half the couples who become engaged each year fail to make it down the aisle, this book outlines a practical (and at times hilarious!) approach to really exploring the commitment of engagement (before you invest in any diamond engagement rings!)

Life Sentence: The Guy’s Survival Guide to Getting Engaged and Married (J.D. Smith, Grand Central Publishing, 1999)

Rather than being the “run for your life” satire the title (and graphic novel-inspired cover) suggests, this book is full of seriously straightforward words of advice, cautionary tales and up-to-date romantic stories (nothing is sugar-coated!) that couples can both enjoy and recall with a mischievous grin whilst mulling over gold wedding bands!

Thing I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married (Gary Chapman, Northfield Publishing, 2010)

The author’s thirty-five years as a marriage counsellor and writer are put to good use in this practical guide. Each section focuses on fostering the bonds of communication, honesty and support between couples.

Of course, not everyone needs a little guidance, but if you’re suffering from some cold or anxious feet, some light bedtime reading before picking out the wedding rings could be just the ticket. At the very least it could give you both a bit of a giggle!