It is definitely no secret that most women adore jewellery. Their hearts melt and their knees go weak when you present them with a small padded box that has jewellery inside.

There is nothing more romantic and nothing that sets a girl’s heart aflutter more so than getting diamond jewellery. Earrings, rings and necklaces; they are all equally appreciated but not all equally created or equally important.

Earrings can hide themselves behinds her beautiful locks and unless she walks around holding her hand up for all to see a ring can easily dodge the spotlight. A diamond pendant on the other hand will draw attention to your lovely lady and itself.

Eye-catching and versatile

A diamond pendant sitting around her neck is certain to be the centre of attention. The more attention her pendant gets the more attention she gets, making her feel like the belle of the ball. Another trait which makes the gift of a diamond pendant so special and endearing is that the designs available are so varied.

You can choose from many original and unique designs or have one designed especially for her at Marlows. This offers the scope to let her special sense of style and personality be reflected in her jewellery. This kind of gift is especially endearing as it shows that you took the time to carefully select a pendant just for her.