Although we love nothing more than an afternoon spent helping proposing gents or newly engaged couples to choose their perfect diamond engagement rings, we understand that for some folks engagement rings simply aren’t practical. Ladies using their hands a lot – doctors, gardeners, chefs and so on, often find the day-to-day opportunities to wear their stunning multi stone engagement rings a little thin on the ground. And who wants to invest in diamonds that idle away in the back of the jewellery box?

Diamond Earrings Choose from our sumptuous range of diamond stud earrings, dropper earrings, pendant earrings and bespoke multi stone settings with the option to include rubies, sapphires or emeralds as companion stones. Stud earrings are perhaps the most wearable option in terms of everyday use.

Diamond Pendants and Necklaces Wearing your diamonds close to her heart – what could be a more matrimonially significant mark? Our collection of diamond pendants can mostly be bought with diamond earrings to match too (just something to think about whilst mulling over the best option!)

Diamond Bracelets Be sure your intended is a lady who wears bracelets on a regular basis. If a ring isn’t practical for work or lifestyle reasons, it could be that a bracelet isn’t the ideal solution. That said, our range of diamond bracelets is designed to stand up to the barrages of life with incredibly strong settings and clasps.

If you find convention limiting, make your own way around it by opting for whatever diamond jewellery best befits the life of your partner.