As of today, the main diamond body specialising in the international pricing of polished diamonds in the industry banned trading in EGL certified diamonds. The main concern with selling EGL and some other localised certified diamonds (so called) has been called in question by numerous diamond dealers over a long period of time. The confusion and invariable price differences between some internationally recognised grading labs such as the GIA, IGI HRD and AGS (predominant in the USA) and others in the UK like the EGL, IGL,GIE so on and so forth have created doubt and confusion the minds of consumers parting with their hard earned cash. At Marlow`s, we have a simple rule. When buying high spec (D-G colour IF-SI2 clarity ) diamond rings with a single diamond of over 1/4 of a carat, we will usually only issue a GIA, IGI or HRD certificate. Otherwise we will issue no certificate at all or an in house one representing our fair grading policy. When selling diamonds under 1/4 of a carat, it becomes economically unviable to issue these reports as the costs of the report sometimes exceed the cost of the diamond. In such cases, we will issue other reports which goes through our internal grading scrutiny. As a final note, all of our diamonds will represent value for money and when compared with like for like purchases, we will be one of the cheapest in the UK.