With a barrage of online “diamond and jewellery” suppliers, consumers need to be cautious. Do check Company finances prior to ordering as you may find that some unscrupulous companies have no funds to give back if you do decide to return their item (as consumers are finding on different online forums), or are selling far inferior products than promised(with “In House” Diamond Certificates). An easy place to check before filling out your credit card details online and pay businesses for your lovely jewellery is Companies House or free sites like DueDil and CompanyCheck among others, especially if you are spending money you can ill afford to lose. If you are taking time out to search for the right diamond jewellery, do also take time out to search for the right business to purchase from, especially if buying online (without physically viewing the product you are buying). Somehold minimal stock, working from silver and CZ samplesto show to prospective clients (who do visit their premises). Once they take your money, they buy the diamond chosen by you from their suppliers (which they cannot return being in the trade) and sell it on to you. As diamonds are a commodity, most business is done on a cash basis with no credit available even to the trade. Go on substance rather than price or visual appearance alone on a website. At Marlow’s, we stress on complete transparency so that consumers are educated to make their purchase with 100% confidence with a price guarantee for like for like products.