Excellent quality diamond earrings are utterly timeless, a classic that makes any outfit you choose look smarter and stylish. You’ll wear them all your life if you choose the best brilliance within your diamonds, as with all Marlows products.

Diamonds earrings can take the form of studs or drop styles and both give an elegance that is unsurpassed. Generally the usual choice for day time wear is studs with longer styles chosen for evening wear, but rules are always made to be broken, so it’s your choice!

Larger drop styles can have some flexibility, with each gem attached to the next but with a degree of movement. Alternatively, longer pieces of precious metals can be used to link the gems giving less flexibility but nevertheless giving a stunning beautiful piece of jewelery.

Diamond studs can give those on a budget access to this beautiful gem, and the investment nature of these pieces mean that on a ‘cost per wear’ basis, the value is unprecedented. They will go with virtually any outfit, so it’s a ‘no brainer’ to invest in quality, you know you’ll be wearing these diamonds a lot!

A good quality pair of earrings can be the start of a diamond jewellery collection, or the crowning piece to add to rings and necklaces to create a truly matched look. And of course, diamond earrings are no longer just the preserve of the ladies, men are increasingly choosing to adorn their lobes, appreciating the lasting value of a good quality choice.