The characteristic that sets diamonds apart from all other precious stones (and differentiates them from even the best imitations) is the sparkle. These stones have an unrivalled ability to gather light into their centre – the celebrated internal fire of the very best examples is a result of the particular crystalline properties that only a true diamond can boast.

Looking through the range on this site or elsewhere, you’ll notice that almost all diamond rings have the stone set well above the band in a claw. Even elaborate multi stone arrangements usually have a centrepiece stone in a claw setting. This enables more light to get into the diamond. In order to sparkle at their best, it is necessary to let as much light into the stone as possible. In most cases a claw setting is the best way of allowing that.

With diamond earrings there are other options. Studs are usually designed with a claw setting but there is also the possibility of letting the stone hang free. With diamond pendant earrings the light can enter the stone from all angles. There is nothing blocking it out so the maximum amount can be collected into the gem.

Without doubt, this is the best way of showing off a truly outstanding diamond especially if it is large in size. Setting fine diamonds as pendant earrings guarantees a truly stunning effect – the most lively sparkle and the most spectacular fire possible. They are a wonderful way of displaying the merits of these beautiful gems.